Golden Goose is the fashionable and beautiful restaurant with a great atmosphere, original and fresh interior, nice music, quality delicious food and friendly prices. Staying here will  keep you away from the hustle and bustle of the city for some time. Soft and unobtrusive interior, the special attitude for each of our guests will not leave you indifferent. How long have you been looking for a place where you can enjoy delicious food, fine wines and leisurely conversation? Visit us and you will never forget us! Our menu is a creative mix to fulfill  the wishes of our guests with  local and also oriental cuisine. Also! We`ll invent special menu for each event and will add some sweet accent to decorate your festive table with our elegant desserts. But! We are very democratic restaurant and our menu is designed to satisfy the taste of picky guests and also the taste of our youngest visitors. Our life is a variety of large and small events such as business meetings, evening with the company of friends and family, romantic evenings and anniversaries and each of them can be spent  in Golden Goose with pleasure.

Always at your service
Golden Goose restaurant.

Kelluka tee 21,
tel. 6 032 242
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